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Currently working as a Social Media Internet Marketing Specialist and a Web Designer. Social Media and Web Development are a passion of mine and with Internet Marketing I work creating campaigns that work.

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What I Do

Web Design

Since 2003 I have actively designed and developed website for a variety of clients. Today I work with small businesses that are looking to grow their online presence with a beautiful design.

Email Ad Management

Email Advertising is by far one of the oldest yet most effective ways to generate a solid base of customer relations in today online world. I work in developing an Email List that helps drive sales and brings even more brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is an old medium that many on the web know about. But did you know that it takes time to develop a proper strategy to have a successfull SEO campaign. With a good strategy working with your web team or mine. Together we can get you in a position that delivers results.

Facebook Ad Management

Nowhere on the web is there a platform where my clients can get the marketing results to grow their bottom line. With a little creativity I work in creating Advertising campaigns on Facebook that deliver results.

Facebook Live / YouTube Vlog

Facebook Live allows you to connect with your customers in realtime. If you are a restuarant with live music. Imagine broadcasting that event live on Facebook. If you're a business with news about new products every month. Then a YouTube Vlog might just be what you are looking for.

Twitter Ad Management

A well managed Twitter account can deliver results in real time and connect with you audience. It can drive traffic to your website, Facebook, and YouTube bringing more brand awareness. Which in turn has the potential to drives sales.



Web Desinger

Freelancer (dba: www.lostsoulgraphics.com)

Since 2006 I have worked for various companies designing websites or assisting in the completion of web design projects. Starting with real estate marketing, email marketing, and CMS web design using Concrete5.


Freelance Linux Web Server Administrator

Self Employed by Referrals

In 2006 I joined the United States Army. There I became for a time a System Information Analyst. Basically an I.T.Guy. There I learned many aspects of web server and client side technology which led me to persue for a time a career in Information Technology.


Facebook/Email Ad Manager

Self Employed by Referrals

In early 2016 I came across a book that changed what direction I was heading online. I learned many things about Facebook advertising. Today I am a student of the Knowledge Society's "Social Media Internet Marketing Agency Course". As I hone in on perfecting my skills in Social Media Internet Marketing, I am really excited of the fact that I can put a lot of my new found skills to work for my clients.


Web Designs

Facebook Advertising

YouTube Marketing

Email Marketing / Management

Facebook Live Production

YouTube OnAir / Vlog Production


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